Your Site Doesn’t Appear in Google Search Results Page? Check Robots.txt

If your site doesn’t appear in Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP), check for a block in your ‎Robots.txt. Follow these instructions to fix it.‎

What to do?

  1. Log-in to your site’s FTP account ‎
  2. Download robots.txt from the root ‎
  3. Open to the file ‎
  4. Check: is there a disallow in any of the lines?‎ ‎
  5. If there is: which pages are disallowed? Do you want those page to appear in the SERP?‎
  6. If the answer is yes: who is the disallowed user agent? (the user agent should be above it)‎
  7. If the user agent is: “ * “ (which means all) or has the word “google” in it – remove it to allow ‎Google to crawl those pages
  8. Good luck!

Tools Used

Text editor, FTP access

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